Wood clamps

Wood clamps play a very important role in construction and are used to apply the right amount of pressure to wood to combine two pieces together after glue has been put on. Without this amount of pressure, the pieces of wood will have a hard time sticking together, which complicates any construction project. There are several different types of wood clamps that are used often in woodworking project.

  • C-Clamp: This type of clamp is found is almost all clamp collections that a contractor has. These clamps are great to use for most home woodworking projects. They come in a variety of sizes and have many functions. The proper size clamp should be used for the project being worked on.


  • Handscrew Clamps: These clamps are great for clamping work pieces together. They have large wooden handles which are comfortable to grip and can be adjusted to different angles easily. Handscrew clamps are made up of two handles, jaw opening, and hardwood jaws.


  • Woodworking Vise: These vises have a wide range of functions from assembling projects, holding projects together while the glue hardens, inspecting, and forming. These vises are made of cast iron and are extremely durable.


  • Toggle Clamps: These are used as a quick action hold down for jigs and are designed to keep projects stationary while they are being worked on. Toggle clamps consist of a handle, adjusting screw, rubber head hold down, and a place where it can be fastened to workplace or jig.


  • Ratchet bar clamps: These clamps are great to hold precise clamping force. Great for small projects to be glued or nailed with a nail gun. Most ratchet bar clamps can be revised to be used as a spreader. 


There are many different types of wood clamps that are great for woodworking projects. All of them have their own set of functions and abilities. When working on a project, it is always important to make sure you use the right size clamp for the project.